FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!






And what about the read’s you got with that story? Will they disappear too:thinking:? (For example: a story you wrote about 2 years ago, but has over 700 reads)
I support this idea b.t.w. :raised_hands:t2:


If this happens, this will help me to focus on one story at a time instead of having to start a new one every time I mess up. Yay! :blush:


I hope the reads will disappear too, I hate that I have 30K reads on my worst story and much less on the better ones. I removed it from my profile but it is still showing up in my total reads and I wish it wasn’t, so undeserved :sweat_smile:

By the way, seriously when will this become a thing?


I support this all the way!


SUPPPPOOOORRRRTTTT!!! please. I have cringey stories which I need to delete…






SUPPORT, I mean, just look at that!

So annoying




Support. There are a bunch of stories I really want to delete but we can’t unfortunately. Even contacted support to get them deleted!


Ugh, 100% support this! I have sooo many spotlight stories from when I didn’t know ANYTHING that are absolute trash and it hurts just to see them in ‘My Stories’ haha!




I could not possibly agree more!


dont tap :joy:


I Support!


I Agree!


I Back This!


Bump :yellow_heart::dizzy: