FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!




Woo have not been on here for a while and I still see that this isn’t a feature yet. Bump!


Support… Trying to start a story but I made a mistake on the first just want to delete it so I don’t get confused on which one to finish or continue.


HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE:confetti_ball::tada::sparkles:


They need to add this as soon as possible


Yes, please…


Completely agree :clap:




SUPPORT!! :persevere:


I have hella stories that I don’t like anymore in portal but I can’t delete them because “once you save you can’t delete” which is really not a good feature. Hopefully, this is accounted for and this actually becomes reality!!!:raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:


Support!! :raising_hand_woman:




It would be great to add too the delete button for stories, for example like old stories that you aren’t proud of in classic style but you already published you cannot delete it :tired_face: and that’s sooo annoying


I support this 100%! I have so many stories that I’ve got bored of and this feature would be super helpful! :blush:


I’m late but it could have like a make sure button. Like if you click delete, another option will pop up and say are you sure…And I don’t know many hackers for episode but that’s just me:no_mouth: