FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!






Support :wink:


Support, and hope they also get rid of “test” stories so then actual stories can be read!


Maybe they should have a separate section for directing stories that we can also use for tests or covers or something and then one where it’s writing stories :thinking:


That would be nice if they did move them around even like that! I get needing to test things. But those are alot of spots that deserving authors should have.


I think that we should have a password for deleting stories. IS someone clicks the delete button, you will first have a bold question asking if they are sure they want to delete the stories. Then you should write “Enter the password.” You should then have a recently deleted section and the story will clear from there after 4 days. I don’t think people can accidentally delete their stories if you do it like this.


Yessss. We should definitely be able to delete the stories we don’t need. It just clutters our page and it is very annoying… Total Support


For sure!


OMG This is needed badly!






yesss!! :heart_eyes:


I’m like the kind of writer that starts with a story but then after 1 chapter thinks: oh my god, this is such a bad storyline!!!
So now i have like FIVE stories that i actually really want to delete.
So i support and like!




I really would love a delete button I have story I wish to delete please please add a delete button


yes, i agree! Support


Support! We need this!


Support all the way, I’m so indecisive and have like 30 stories I can’t delete