FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!



I still don’t understand why this feature hasn’t been added yet. I have tons of blank stories on my account and I can’t get to the one I’m actually trying to code on in the app. In the “My Stories” section, there are only five stories there including the “PLAY THE TUTORIAL” one (which nobody needs unless they’re new to coding). And there are like ten stories on my portal account (yes, ten. but most of them are for edits :joy:) But I can’t get to them on the app because none of them show up. If I could delete the ones I don’t use, it would make my life so much easier. :sleepy:



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Three years later!!!:flushed: Why haven’t we gotten this already???

All of this!!! :woman_facepalming:t4: It just doesn’t make sense for us not to be able to delete old feeble attempts at creating stories that we are low key ashamed of after all of this time!!!

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Ugh ikr :persevere::persevere:

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YES !! This is the one omg so many I want to delete!


Support 100%!

I do agree!!!My first story was such a mess i never published it i wanted to delete it but got to know there’s no delete button and i guess there should be a delete episode button too as once i added a episode no by mistake and i have to code in that :no_mouth:



yes plz !!!



Hey, so I don’t know if this’ll be of any help to anyone, but I did find a way, I believe, to get rid of stories in your library and from the app. By going into your account settings in the writers portal and going to story settings, you can archive “active stories” (aka published stories) and hide stories that are published and unpublished.

Maybe this is why there isn’t a delete button?

It hides any stories in our Stories shelf (except the tutorial) and also hides published stories from being searched up. It’s basically a delete button without the stories being lost forever.