FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!


Yes there should be a delete button for stories. SUPPORT


Oh yes! Even published ones.


This would be a dream come true! The amount of random tester stories I published way back, before ink was a thing haha…:grin:


Support! :+1:t2: A delete button would definitely clean up our writer pages.


I don’t support,

What if a hacker gets into your account? One click could ruin all of your hard work. Or your mouse accidentley slipped and boom, it’s gone.

Maybe you can delete stories with under 700 lines or something?


I support this idea, but I’d like to add on to this suggestion based on what @avebug addressed.

@avebug You raised a very good security risk there. Here are two solutions that I thought of to combat that:

  1. Episode can give users the ability to delete stories. Once you delete them, they will be sent into another section called “Archived”. Archived stories are stories that have been deleted by the user. Once deleted, the story will remain in the archive for 30 days. You can restore a story within the 30 day period. However, once those 30 days have passed by, the story will automatically deleted - permanently. This way, the author can have an uncluttered list of stories without accidental removals of stories and hackers being an issue.

  2. If a story is deleted, a notification should be sent to our e-mail or by text message to confirm that it was actually us who deleted them. Perhaps we could add the 2-step authentication before deleting a story, just like Gmail and the forums have? It will be good for the Writer’s Portal to have security.




I agree with this!!!


Totally support you!!


YESSS!!! support!


100% support, oml I need this!


Support so badly! I have many stories that I just hide in my profile because I dont want anyone to read it


Support :raised_hands:


Supporttt <3




SUPER SUPPORT! :sparkles: It’s something really necessary.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I need a delete button! I just want to get rid of embarrassing mobile creation stories I published when I was younger. They clutter up my page ever when they’re invisible. PLEASE EPISODE (if you are reading this) I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY… REALLY NEED IT!!! please please please, I will love you forever if you add it.


sammeeeeeeee! But they clutter up the page!


Yes that is a good way to ensure it is you personally who has deleted the story, and give you a chance to get it back if you deleted a really good story for haters


god PLEASE add this there are so many stories in my tab for testing and i’m going crazy, but i can’t even organize it