FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!


OMG ikr!!!


YES!! Definitely.


Agree and don’t approve. I think it is risky because what if you accadently delete your story. But I is also agree because you may have worte a story and it’s crap!




Maybe instead of deleting the stories fully, there could be an unpublish button for them. Cause some people have stories that say “don’t read” or something like that and don’t want them appearing on the app, so unpublishing them would delete them from the app but not from writer’s portal. Kind of like how Wattpad works, I think. And anyway, it’s always important to back up your script onto a word document or something in case anything ever goes wrong with the Writer’s portal.


Oh my god this thread has 165 replies and 7.3k views already like what’s the hold up dude!


There already is one! All you gotta do is go to your profile in the app and press the eye on the cover to hide it from everybody.


Lol ok actually it’s sort of different. What I’m talking about is unpublishing a story so it completely disappears from the app, not just hiding it. An unpublished story would not appear on the app at all however one that you hide can still be found if one searches for stories that say “do not read” or a random title. Then if you click on the author it leads to you. I’ve had people be kind of mean to me through fanmail when I wrote “Do not read” for my story so I locked it with a password and turned fanmail off. Plus when you click on a story and read the bio as well as fanmail, it shows an author’s number of reads and published stories. So if you have 10 published ones, but 5 are hidden, it will say you made 10 stories and may cause confusion as well wondering in readers as to what your other 5 stories are. However, being able to unpublish your story would mean if you published 10 and removed 5, it would say you published 5 stories. I hope you get what I’m trying to say and my apologies for it being kinda long : )


Completely agree!1!1!


That’s one of the best ideas that I was reading


Support! It’s a total waste of space :star_struck:


Support! I have a lot of stories I want to forget about.


Support! 100%!


I’ve come back to this thread like 4 times already and this feature still isn’t happening, so suppoooooort


Support! :hugs:


@EPISODE hear us! We need this badly! :grin:


SUPPORT. God, pleeassseee. :weary:


I have so many stories I want to get rid of!


support :frowning: we need this so much. my whole stories section is SOOO messy