FEATURE: Delete Tutorials On Portal (or move them)


Hello everyone!

Personally I’ve been here for a long time and I don’t need the extremely basic tutorials, and the fact that I have to scroll a ton to get to my story is quite annoying since it is alphabetical (yes, I realize you can search it but it sucks to do that when in reality you only have one active story). It’s also a bit weird that we have it as more of a feature under “My Stories” instead of “Guides”, which covers most of the content over there anyway.

I would love to have the option to delete these, or at least I would love it for Episode to move them to a more beneficial category on the portal.

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Yes, this is a ness


Support! I wish they could make a separate window for them.


Ahhh, yes, I want this change so badly! They have the “Guide stories” box so why do the stories have to be there AND in “my stories”. Why not just in “guide stories”? I also don’t like to scroll past the numerous guide stories to find my own ones.


Support :clap:


Agree with this!


My dream exactly! I’d prefer separate small windows for our stories and for tutorials, just in case.

FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!

I support this as well.




It would definitely be great to move the tutorials into their own category on “My Stories” library as to not get in the of a creator who has made tons of stories. I don’t really think there should be an option to delete the tutorials since one might be new and delete a helpful tutorial by accident.


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I want to bump this as I’ve had this idea several times in the last few hours, and I hope that this will be included in one of the next portal updates :slight_smile:


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I can’t agree more!!!


A lot of people can’t find their own stories because of them!