FEATURE: Delete Tutorials On Portal (or move them)


A lot of people can’t find their own stories because of them!


AbbyGG is a legend

(sorry I needed something to type as a bump)


Fully support.

I’m new and the interface isn’t very user-friendly. I went through a mini-panic earlier because I thought I had accidentally deleted my story, and didn’t realize I had to scroll all the way down to find it. :sob:


We really need this! It would make our stories why more organized! I fully support this idea! :heart:


The search button is nice, but having the ability to sort out and organize our stories (the ones we’re working one vs the ones we’re not would be nice)
Tbh, I lack in using that bar :joy:


That would be amazing :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:


I need this in my life :joy:
Support :wink:


This topic needs more appreciations! Support :heart::wink:


I completely support




Definitely! I think we need to reform the whole stories bar anyway. It’s messy


Bumping this in the light of recent updates