FEATURE: Delete Tutorials On Portal (or move them)


Just another bump coming through :ok_hand:t2:


BUMP and SUPPORT! :smile:






I agree. I get tired of having to scroll down just to find my stories.


B U M P ~ :slight_smile:


SUPPORT! Come on, Episode… What’s the point of them in the section MY STORIES when they’re in Guide Stories already?




Being able to delete stories in general is a good feature anyway so I thoroughly support this. If you’ve abandoned an unpublished story, you should be able to delete it so it doesn’t take up space in your list. The same goes for the tutorial scripts which would be nice to clear out once you no longer need to reference them.




Is anyone seeing what I am seeing?


first thing i noticed when i opened the portal :joy:

let’s hope the ‘delete’ come in the next :zipper_mouth_face:


I was thinking about the same!


Yeees! Done!!! :white_check_mark: