FEATURE : Deleting Replays / Increase Replay Amount


Okay, I swear on my life I already talked about this, because now I feel like such an ass telling my readers to go like a post that doesn’t exist. (Rip me)

Did you know, you can only reread a story on the app - 5 times?!

Okay, but who actually reads a story five times?

Uh, no clue. But apparently people do if you are getting fan mail that asks if they can have more replays, and you have to break their lil’ addicted hearts

Again, why would someone read a story five times?

Because of choices! People love a story so much, they want to replay it and check it out again.

But five times???

Yes! We are getting better at coding dude! And people love it!

I think EPISODE should allow readers to delete replays on stories. If a reader wants to read at story more than once why not, they earn the money through advertisements anyway.

I understand that might be a problem for their gem stories, so why not just make it for user stories (not like their stories’ choices really matter anyway. dab)

If deleting replays is a no, because it will screw up the reader retention, then add more replays! What’s the worst that can happen?

Unlimited Story Rereads
Replaying a story for more than five times
Deleting or Unlimited Replays
Fake love true love

yEs, i always thought that 5 was a lot of replays, but as i started reading more stories, it really isn’t. and it sucks when you can’t try a story again ever because you’re out of replays.


Fair point… I myself tend to replay for several reasons. I just generally enjoy the story(bookworm too much lol), too many love interests and I want to see each branched path. Point systems, picking genders, tapping too fast and selecting something you didn’t want. I could go on but I’d be here all day lol. It would just generally be nice and convenient to be able to remove unwanted replays.


i need more replays for some stories that I really like so yeah lol


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Also it would be great if we could play replays per chapter rather than whole story.


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No idea why we have a limit lol. Bumpp



Bump. I saw one story the other day where they claimed there was something like 30 endings. I think more replays are needed so readers can experience the story in all the various ways it was intended.


I love this idea, especially since more and more stories have multiple paths and endings.


I absolutely support this!




I still get complains that my story can only be replayed five times. like it’s out of my powers you obsessed fans


I was reading a story the other day with 144 endings and I wanted to see at least more than 5:roll_eyes:


Totally informative comment, and not at all unnecessarily rude. Well done. :roll_eyes:




I agree.You dont burn a book after you’re done reading it,no matter how many times you have read it.It applies the same to episode stories,would be great to be able to do something about it.