FEATURE : Deleting Replays / Increase Replay Amount

Yeah, same. I played The New Girl a while back and wanted to restart a couple times because i messed up and i miss playing it from the beginning, but I’m all out of replays. I hope Episode lets us delete replays because I have a couple where I don’t like how I made my Epi character look in most of them, so I want a redo. I too wanna be able to reply JUST an episode instead of replaying the whole story

Pleeeeeease episode!

Bump and support!

Bump and support!

Bump and support again! I really hope we get this feature soon🤞

I honestly don’t know why they would put a limit to the amount of times you can replay a story. It’s not hurting anyone. And on top of that I’m sure the authors won’t mind getting more reads on their story. They should just let us have unlimited replays.

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