FEATURE : Deleting Replays / Increase Replay Amount




I support this!
Letting us delete replay options and adding more would be such a good idea-I mean, the only solution at the moment I can see is publishing a duplicate story so the reader can play that, and then they have more options for replays but creating an exact duplicate story for this reason seems bizarre…:sweat_smile:


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Yes need more replays 5 is by far not enough, need unlimited replays


I agree, more replays 5 is not enough!



I got asked the other day if I could increase the amount of replays for my story lel


i wish there was a way to delete on of our replays. There are some stories that i keep re reading and i just can’t get enough of them no matter what. i wish they would have unlimited replays or at least the option to delete our replay



Deleting replays, or adding more in general, is something I would find very useful.

Sometimes stories have numerous endings, or stories are so good that I just want to re-read them to my heart’s content. Other times, I’ve put off a story so long that I have no idea what’s going on and have to replay it.
Adding a few more replays or giving us the option to delete existing ones would help us a bunch!




We definitely need this!


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Personally I like to test my story on mobile to make sure it looks okay so having only 5 replays limits it to only a few tests.

Definitely need a delete option :+1:t2:


You can test your story out on the app how many times you want. There is no limit for that however there is a limited number of replays when it comes to reading other peoples’ stories.


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SUPPORT! we should be able to delete replays


I would really love to delete replays, I want to play Falling for The Dolan Twins again as I’m slowly unveiling loads of outfits so I want to play and delete as many times so I can eventually earn them all


BuMp - I really need this, like, today :wink:




Support :+1:


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