FEATURE : Deleting Replays / Increase Replay Amount

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This needs more love, this is such an extremely important feature for BOTH authors and readers, and should be bumped up their to-do list!


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Support this needs to happen asap!

Support! I was surprised when I first realized deleting replays wasn’t already a feature.

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Tomorrow will be the year anniversary of this thread :heart:


If you have an episode account on instagram like me, make sure to share this with your followers! I knew a few of mine have liked/posted on this thread with their support. So make sure you’re spreading the word <3

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Support! I was devastated when I realized there was a maximum amount.

it’s been added to their list but won’t be updated anytime soon.

I support this so much

Yes, why is this not a thing?

Support :gift_heart:

I agree with this!

Support! :grin:


I actually don’t understand the point of capping replays AT ALL. It makes not one lick of sense. Episode official gem stories or not. You. Have. To. Pay. To. Play. No. Matter. How. Many. Times. You’ve. Read. It!!! So why does episode cut you off at five??? You don’t get to re-read is sans pass when it’s a replay. It still costs you a pass per episode. AAAAAND you do not receive any extra gems for reading an episode story. Once you’ve collected your gem for an episode that’s it. So why does episode care? I know it might seems strange to read a story that many times. But the first time I hit my limit (I had no idea there was a limited amount of replays at the time :sob:) was due to customization errors. So when I hit number five and tried for a number six, I was heartbroken that I just ate up all my replays messing around with customization… and the story is AMAZING (Love Is a Drug by Anneka Moon), I would totally read that story fifty times over. I actually downloaded episode on another random phone I had so I could replay it. Also there are stories out there that apparently can have six different possible endings. Which then it’s like “oh well shit… definitely won’t be able to try for all of them…” and then say for some contest winners, stories only three episodes long and are AMAZING (Hello? by Evil Ebonni and Old Mate) have four different possible endings and I’ve played it twice so far and have gotten the same ending, so I’m like “welp… guess I’m not going to be able to read them all :cry:” and the story and directing is such crazy fire that I would read that story like once every two weeks if I could. ALSO there are a lot of stories I really really enjoyed, but after two years have gone by, and it’s not fresh in your memory, and I’m like “what story had this in it again? Was it this one? Or that one?” then I’m down for a re-read, and get to experience the juicy, exciting story all over again :blush:
I get that when you re-play an episode original story if you had paid for a gem choice the first time round, that you can pick it again the second, third, fourth, fifth time around and it doesn’t charge you because you’ve already bought it. But again I don’t see how that plays a factor in anything, because one, you still have to pay passes for episodes you’re replaying. You don’t just get to re-read the story five times for free, you have to pay your passes… and two, there is a chance that someone might pay for a gem choice in a replay that they hadn’t the first time round, so it’s extra chances at getting them to take a gem choice (although if you had the strength/smarts the say no to something the first time round, not sure why it would get you later on… unless you recently became a millionaire :joy:).

I personally would rather they give us unlimited replays instead of being able to delete replays. Or give us both, as I do have some mistake replays that I wouldn’t mind deleting. BUT it would really be NO SKIN OFF OF EPISODES BACK TO JUST. GIVE. US. UNLIMITED. REPLAYS.