FEATURE : Deleting Replays / Increase Replay Amount

100% Support

I have a story that I reached 5 replays on
Allow me to explain (this story came out a few years ago)
1st time obviously,
2nd time, wanted to see a different outcome
3rd time sheer boredom because none of the other stories I was reading were being updated
4th time, sheer boredom again except I made a mistake while tapping that messed up the whole story
5th time to make up for the mistake I had made



Support!!! I rather wait until the authors complete their stories first so that way, when there so many choices, I can choose a different choice. I didn’t know there was a limit in replaying stories nor that it wouldn’t increase the reads for the authors. I remembered reading a story and I messaged support about the numbers of replay. I was already on my 3rd and support messaged me back stating that it was 5 replays.

Support. You better do this Episode or I’m gonna cry. :sob:

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1000% support! I’d love to have this feature!:+1::+1: It would be very helpful for me because all the replays I have take up alot storage so deleting them willl really help​:thinking:


SUPPORT :bangbang:


Definitely would love to see this!!! Especially for stories with multiple endings.