Feature: Different Body Shapes


I think that it would be AMAZING if we had like sliders that controlled your characters height, body shape, butt, face shape and features, and anything else that can be twerked!! This would be great so that everyone didn’t have the same body shape!! Who agrees?!




I definitely agree with you! However, it would take awhile for them to create that because they would need to create clothing that could accommodate all body sizes. Overall though I think it would be a great addition to Episode!


I think you already made a post like this, but there is a thread that you can show your support for this idea here: FEATURE: More Body Shapes


Thanks, I had no idea…LOL :joy:


Like I have said on your previous posts, There are already many threads for this. Perhaps you should sift through the topics before duplicating :slight_smile:



Like @HermanEpisode and @southampton23 kindly pointed out. This is a duplicate of other topics already created with this request. The more duplicate topics you create for it the less support the original topic will receive, and none of us want that :wink: . For more info on the rules of the forums and tips on where to correctly create topics, please review the topics in our Welcome, Start Here sub forum. And feel free to private message myself or our forum Moderator @Sydney_H with any forum related questions you might have.

Closed, thanks! :v::peace_symbol: