FEATURE: Different Bra Sizes


It would be very nice if we could have those differences! Small, Big, Medium, so we can have more diversity with characters. Support?

If there was one thing you could add to Episodes, what would it be?

Oh lord.
Watch everybody make their basic pretty girl characters have big ones :unamused:


Yeah, that may happen lol


Umm well I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this suggestion but I don’t really think it is needed tbh! I mean the characters have a normal sized chest and I feel like if this were to be added it would cause a lot of body shaming to happen in the story’s.

This is just my opinion so don’t take offense to this :slight_smile:


I think their would be a lot of body shaming involved if this happend :grimacing: (No hate)




I would love to have this! It would really help some of my stories.


Nah, It’s fine, didn’t think from that angle! It’s good to see new opinions tbh


This is just a more specific character costomization suggestion, there are already threads for different body types being made available, saying this would somehow result in body shaming is like saying different skin tones being available would result in racism. There have been some sketchy stories that misuse or missrepresent pocs but that doesn’t mean having a variety of skin tones available is a bad thing.


Okay but it’s just my opinion and I don’t have to change it because you don’t agree with it :blush::woman_shrugging:


I agree but the fact that the bodies are all the same make me think that changing the size wouldn’t work


Yeah, but I don’t know how to draw bodies really well, but I agree!


tbh i think this kinda fits into the “more body shapes” thread but supportt


I wasn’t suggesting you change your opinion, and I wasn’t necessarily disagreeing with you, I was just offering a different perspective. I think if anything Episode implementing a system in which you can customize a character’s body (not just the chest but all body parts) individually might mean there would be some offensive uses but it’ll definitely also mean that we have more diversity and representation for different body types.


I support!! I think this would fit perfectly with the customizable bodies movement thing :joy::grin:


I’d like it, but mostly some people will be making rude people have big bra sizes. But I’ll support anyways.



Some people might judge the characters based on their bra sizes, but we should never let their harsh words get to us.

If someone is too busy looking and judging a person based on their appearance, instead of considering their actions & behavior, then maybe they need to re-evaluate some things about themselves like how they view people.

Also, this could be a great way to raise awareness for breast cancer in case anybody decides to include a character in their story who goes through a mastectomy.

Yes, some people may take things a little too far, but sometimes we need to take risks because overall, this update is actually really amazing^^

This is of course, my opinion : )


i could use this for child characters oof #ittybittycommitee