FEATURE: Different Bra Sizes






Hm, I think this could bring in body-shaming but it would be cool to use for things like spot directing kids into Episodes 0_-

Two sides to this, not sure what to think XD


thats a big possibility…lol it lowkey reminds me of one of those anime shows :joy:


I totally agree with you so SUPPORT


I think its a good idea. Coz you can’t have a 5 year old with big ones, can you?


exactly :joy::joy::rofl:


I love this I feel like it also makes it easy for episode to give us the option to change them


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I thin k this would be good for child characters because currently these 2 year old characters have boobs


not being rude but how would it bring in body shaming? they are animated characters and are controlled by the writer.


Yep, that’s true, but there are a bunch of writers who could use this in an extremely stereotypical way :confused: And not only that, it could make the younger people who use the Episode platform grow up thinking that having a smaller breast size makes you a loser?

It can obviously be used for good things and character development or whatever in some stories but with this feature, it’s very likely that some story will have this kind of thing.

Just my opinion ^^


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body shaming, body shaming, body shaming…

as if you all don’t shame already. there’s no other body type in any community stories but authors still indeed say the characters are overweight and make the mean girls bully them.

also… its just breasts… literally two chunks of fat… :massage_woman:t2:‍♀


That’s not necessarily normal but okeyy




Like the bra size on episode avatars isn’t what I would call “normal”. Everyone has different cup sizes! :slight_smile:


How on earth would tha even happen


Well, you never know how influential Episode stories can really be and how… ahem, creative many authors can be too :upside_down_face:


I like the one with none because we can finally make kids! :blush: