FEATURE: Different Bra Sizes

OMG YES! Support!

Not sure I fully support it. But brestless option is good for making kids. So yep.

THIS WOULD MAKE SO MANY THINGS BETTER (both for making characters unique to each other/would be so helpful in making children… because a 5 y/o girl isn’t going to look like the standard “female” character.)



I see both sides. I know that some people will use it to create their basic pretty girl or use it for body shaming, but it is also great for different situations whether that be body types or whatever else. Even though body shaming is a negative thing, it is a part of people’s lives and shouldn’t be avoided just because it’s negative. As long as it’s used realistically.

I feel like the characters NOT having a wide variety of chest sizes is more body shaming, actually. There’s no representation for flat chested girls, or girls who are a lot more chesty. As somebody who has a lot less than the girls who are depicted in the character styles, I just feel like it would be a real improvement to create more diversity.

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The “none” could be amazing for creating kids. Overall I really like this idea, but I don’t think Episode will implement it :confused:
You have my support though!

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Support 100%
People are all different shapes and sizes, that in itself is beautiful and I think it needs to be implemented in the platform. Not to mention the ‘none’ option would be perfect for kids.

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Bumping this!
Episode take the risk and release it!
If other people cause problems, doesn’t matter. There will be others who won’t and that’s what’s important.


But then the episode team would also have to make more clothing with different bra sizes…

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For kids, I’d suggest making the body more like a square as children’s bodies aren’t that curvy at that young age…


Not sure about this tbh. It may enable anyone to take the mick out of anyone for having different boob sizes.


Support, while I still think some people will misuse this :woman_facepalming: I would love this to be implemented

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support! that would be great! it would be easier to create this than children avatars, and if they do this, we can make female children semi-realistic!
I’d like it in INK, too though, cuz I’m an ink author


It’s true that it might be giving some people ammo for their generic stories, but I think that the good it would do for the people who would use this properly outweighs the bad stories, so support!

It would give me the ability to make kids and chestless characters (teen and adult). I don’t see why not. The only worry I have is the big boob popular kid breast-shaming the no boob nerd instead of the writer making it known that it’s normal to have different sizes.
Seriously, I had a lot of chestless bullies. Why can’t a popular student be chestless?
I like the idea though. So, I hope this happens.

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I think that this will be really helpful when you want to make a girl child in a story because it’s really funny when you have a 10 years old for example and it has big chest size. But also I think that it will be pretty hard to make because Episode will have to reanimate all of the clothes in order to make them look with different chest sizes. :woman_shrugging:t2::unicorn: (Just giving my opinion please don’t hate me)