FEATURE: Different Command To Enable Animation Looping

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I know this may be a hardly possible feature to get, but I personally think it would make everything much easier when distinguishing between looping and non-looping animations. Plus, there wouldn’t have to be two different codes for the same animation, of course.

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is” is to @ as “starts” is to &

When you use “starts”, a character will do an animation while the next command happens.

@DUDE is laugh_giggle
@MAN is scream

With the above example, MAN will not scream until DUDE has finished the animation “laugh_giggle” because I used the word “is”

@DUDE starts laugh_giggle
@MAN is scream

With the above example, DUDE will laugh at the same time MAN will scream because I used the word “starts”

So basically these two commands below work exactly the same way:

&CHARACTER is laugh_chuckle
@CHARACTER starts laugh_chuckle

That is the difference between those 2 words.


Ah, I finally get it now, thank you for clearing the confusion up. :hugs:

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