Feature: Different Episode Body Types

I’m working on my first story and it kind of sucks that there is only 1 type of bodies. I wished there were different types like kids bodies and a bit chubby ect. This would make stories more realistic

Support or not?


Hi! There is already a thread for this!

If you want you can support there!

But other wise… support on more body types!


I agree that it seems to be the only thing missing to let episode reach its full potential! If they can either create different clothes between ink, classic, and limelight, why not just be more inclusive with clothes that mimick the many different body types. I also think that episode can add just one more face/neck/ head for the plus size characters, the existing face shapes aren’t too realistic or believeable, the “round” face with a prominent and pointy chin. I support you on this, it’s a restricting factor for some stories, like the ones where the main character has an e.d.