FEATURE: Download Pictures Of Characters with a Transparent (NO) Background


In my downtime I work on covers for other people’s stories and the most frustrating part about making any cover, splash, warning page, turn volume up page, etc. (I’m going to call these pages) is getting rid of the background for the characters. When I am making any “page” I need to screenshot the character I want to use while they are in the position I need them in. In order to put them somewhere or make any page they need to have a transparent background so I need to get rid of the background behind the character before I can truly begin making the page. This is a large waste of time while making any “page” and to make it easier there should be a feature that allows an author to go their list of characters and download a picture of their character in any position with a transparent background.

EPISODE PORTAL: Transparent background option for creating characters
FEATURE: Ability to make character creation backdrop transparent


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Support :clap:

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Support :heart:

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I support this. It would certainly be helpful to a lot of people.

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Agree it’s what tacks the longest for me.

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This is already possible!

I’m Portal you create outfit!
Go to Characters and dress that outfit to selected character.
Choose animation of that character.
Save photo to your computer!

The photo you save is in png format - that means transparent! :heart:


Whoa I never knew this actually already existed thank you


Although in Limelight you can’t pick the animation


Yes of course you can :smiley:


It doesn’t show it for me for some reason

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Weird. For me in that spot it only allows me to change the skin tone

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Skin you can change in outfits changing. This is the character field in writers portal :wink:

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Bump up!


Recently I tried this and saved the image, but it still had the background shown behind the character in the portal, not no background at all like I think they mean.

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I mean PNG with a transparent background so yah as in no background.

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