FEATURE: downloading stories to read without internet

Heyy you guys!

i’m on a four hour long drive right now, sitting in the backseat and I really want to continue reading the episode story i’m on. Sadly, I don’t have enough internet at the moment.

So I had this idea:

A feature that lets you download a certain amount of chapters or stories so that you can read them offline.

Somewhat like the feature on wattpad (if any of you read on wattpad haha)

It could be a limited feature (meaning as mentioned above only being able to download a few chapters or stories) and unlimited if you pay for it or still limited but with more capacity to download something.

Let me know your opinion about it!


Support! 100% :blue_heart:

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This idea is great! Totally support

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Duplicate closed. Please refer to FEATURE: Offline reading to support this request. Also be sure to create requests in the correct category in the future.