FEATURE: Drag overlays around the screen

From @Maya_Sagi’s thread

It would be cool if we could be able to do it



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@EtherealWitch @Maya_Sagi
There isn’t currently a way to do it, but there’s a way to get a similar effect.

Add an overlay in the center of the screen like this

@ui NAME create
@ui NAME shifts to x y in 0
@ui NAME scales to x y in 0
@ui NAME opacity 1 in 0

then, make a tappable scene like this

tappable [pan1:#]
The number for this can be any number 1-3 depending how many zones you want to be able to pan to.

When they drag around, the overlay will remain in the middle of the screen and create the illusion that it’s moving around. You could do this with something like a magnify glass or binoculars.

I have a short post here explaining the UI feature


Also- SUPPORT :heart_eyes:

oWuld be especially cool if there was a choice format based on when two overlays ‘touch’ each other

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Thank you so much that helped a lot