FEATURE: Easier way to have different genders choices

To be able to choose the MC and LI’s gender, you’d have to duplicate the entire story 4 times, that’s a lot of lines! Not to mention needing to change the pronouns and names! Here’s my concept to have the exact same thing, this time all in 1 story without duplicating!


Let’s assume we’ve created 4 characters, 1 male MC with a script name of MMC, female MC is FMC, male LI is Josh and female LI is Amy.

Select your gender.

choice “Male.” {

@MC is MMC


} “Female.” {

@MC is FMC




Select your LI’s gender.

choice “Male.” {



} “Female.” {

@LI is AMY




Then you would use MC as the script name for MC, assuming that the display name is from an input choice. MC’s gender is based on the option above and the LI’s script name would still be LI for this example. If you’d need to use the LI’s name, it would be like “Is that [LINAME] by the street?” and LINAME would be either “Amy” or “Josh”


It sounds kind of complicated, but I’ll still support it. Having to create multiple characters starts making things a bit cluttered.


It would be great if this could be made a little easier! But I still think that you would have to write different storylines, because female and male characters kinda behave differently :slight_smile:

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100% Support!!