FEATURE: Easier way to have writing partners!

Hi guys! So, as far as I’m aware, there isn’t another way to have writing partners without giving away your email address and the password. I’m not saying I don’t trust you guys! I’m just saying they’re people out there with a lot of different intentions! Like my post if you support! And, if there really is another way, please tell me! :sweat_smile:


bump and support!

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Bump and support!


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The only other way that I can think of is to make a separate joint email

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I agree! it would be good if you could add a co-writer to your stories by selecting other episode users too rather than creating a new account so both names show up

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Support! x

Support! I was always really worried about sharing my login with others so something like this would help a lot of authors.




EDIT - Nope, that doesn’t work anymore, apparently!


Yes support 100%