FEATURE: Easier Way to Unlock Writers Payments

Hey! I do see your point and I totally agree with you. I too had thought about this, and I do support of making an easier way for this.
This will motivate even more community writers to write more stories.
Its true that we all started writing stories here as a hobby, or interest. We don’t expect thepayment immediately.
Many of us small authors have been doing this for years, and have very underrated stories. We hope to get recognition to a bigger circle, thus, enabling us to reach to the writer’s payment.
It sounds easy, but it is hard to really reach there for us.

I do hope your suggestion gets reached out. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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It’s a hard problem to solve. The easier it is to get into the program, the less money they’ll hand out (assuming little to no enforced gem choices). That’s probably okay for most Episode authors who already have a full-time job outside of Episode, but for those who depend on Episode as their main source of income, that would totally suck.

That means they’ll either move platforms to a higher paying gig (which Episode would definitely not want because established users with a larger fanbase are likely more valuable to them than new authors added to the payment pool), or have to create a separate payment protocol for each author (so the ones who have a larger fanbase get paid more per num of reads than the newer authors). I don’t know a ton about how the current payments work, but this is what I think would need to happen to make everyone (existing authors and new authors) happy. I could be wrong. :woman_shrugging:t2:


@Briana_M Yes. You right

support 100%

I also spent a lot of time on episode! Ofc its part of my hobby but i also wish the reward was a bit easier to earn - so that i’d be more motivated to make better stories for the readers. I totally support u!:two_hearts:


I support this!!!

Support too



I support it as well! One could at least say that the reads don’t get erased after some time.

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Support! its true what u mean and its tough to unlock it as well! even though we write for our passion sometimes is much more motivating as well!


Support !!

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They…aren’t writing for money but it would be nice if we could at least earn a dime. Some of us aren’t as fortune to have well paying jobs.



Its kinda like youtube, you have to work for it.


Of course we have to work for it but as @Briana_M said she is writing stories for 4 years now so it would be great if she gets a small reward. Writing for 4 years is actually a true hard work!!

And this is what I think @Briana_M :
Episode should pay small amount to the authors who are writing on episode for more than 1 year, this way small authors can be paid too.


Lmao that’s what I was saying. That’s why people create YouTube channels to get paid. Same with episode.

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Although, most of the writers on the platform actually enjoy writing and do it for themselves and like to share it with the world.