Feature: easy ways to earn gems

**Easy ways to earn gems :gem: **

As you know we had a lot of option to earn passes or gems in the past, watch ads, fill out some surveys, read 4 stories so you could finish the streak and so on!

Unfortunately all these options are gone, the only way to earn gems is to read an Episode Originals story… and there are no ways to earn free passes.

From where I live, we have a hard lockdown… I wish I could pass some time by reading Episode stories, but 3 hours is a very long time to wait for 4 passes!

Anyways, I hope Episode find new ways to give us the chance to earn gems and passes.


I am with you sis! :wink: I don’t like how we have to read stories that use a lot of gems…or give gems at the end of every episode. And the fact that once your finish using all your tickets you have to wait for such a long time…I AM NOT THAT PATIENT :see_no_evil: :sparkling_heart:

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Exactly!!! Episode earn a lot from advertisements, so that would be a great idea for earning gems and passes :pleading_face:

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yesss!!! and it’s honestly annoying how we have to watch ads if we don’t want to use our gems :unamused:

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Let’s hope that they will do something about it😪

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Cross finger :crossed_fingers:t3:

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WHAT!! They got rid of watching ads to get you passes refilled. I swear they are finding new ways to ruin their own app I saw someone say that they deleted the app because of the new ways they are running things, they were not happy with the changes so they made a post on instagram and said they think episode is trying to drive away readers and authors especially new ones since now it is even harder for your story to be found. And I replied less competetion for their stories :roll_eyes: but am I wrong. We are in a very fragile financial situation and they think now is the time to get more money out of us. Please episode just bring those features back, I mean surely they are doing better than ever because everyone is stuck at home with nothing to do. Young readers like me can’t afford to spend money on the app.

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In the beginning I had the streak option, so for a week long if I read 4 episodes I would get 1 pass free or maybe 2 gems depends on what day you were.

Now I have nothing, it just keeps saying No challenges available I really hate this because I didn’t even get the offer feature, where you can fill surveys and stuff

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