FEATURE: Enable Live Previewer in Phone browsers

iOS and Android

I’m dying to have it! :see_no_evil:


I must bump this by myself, I need it :scream: No one else needs this?

We have Live Previewer in Writer’s Portal. I need it to work on my iPhone, so I don’t have to open my laptop whenever I want to write or just to check the new outfits :wink:


-bumping- :wink:


I agree, we need it.

It took me one whole week to script a chapter and it just ended up in 500 lines! It probably takes me an hour to script two scenes because there is no live preview on iPad. I literally have to keep on going back and forth the app and the website to preview it.

It is also hard because sometimes, the way the outfit looks is weird and it’s tedious to change what you’ve created. I also don’t know how the characters look and when I check it in the app, it’s not what I expect.

My brother says that my chapter is really good but I take way too long to make a chapter. If I were to publish it, I wouldn’t be consistent and of course there would be readers complaining about the length and consistency of the chapters. For him, it takes probably a day to make a chapter because he has a laptop.

I almost quit scripting because of this but I just continued it since I enjoy scripting.

We tablet and phone users really need this, please consider it Episode team.


I agree


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I would like too to create on iphone or ipad, so you can write wenever you want…

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