FEATURE: End Of Chapter Message

I’ve noticed that at the end of every story, once it’s fully read, is a message saying “The author may or may not continue this story”. Some authors have to say it will be continued. I think there should be a message we can customize to say something. Instead of the default message could be “Thank you for reading! This story will be continued. Check out the author’s Instagram, (insta tag), and ask question in the Q&A.” or “This story will continue, please be patient.”

It would be really cool. Now yeah, some authors do have a message at the end saying something, but I think this would be a cool feature.


I know right I agree! What really drives me to murder is when you the story hasn’t ended, but then the Author updates the story! But that message won’t let you go onto the next chapter


I support!

I totally support this and bump this! :v:
3 months later


I support! And to be honest, that message is low-key annoying to me for some reason…


I support this! :sparkling_heart:

Support! And a bump.

Bump :jack_o_lantern:

Bump! :v:

Bump :wink:

Support. :smile:

Support! I’ve noticed authors always get annoyed when people keep asking.



bump! I’d love to be able to do that

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Totally support :star_struck: