FEATURE: Episode should Distinguish LL & Ink Stories from Each other

I don’t know if I am the only who feels this way, but I love Ink more than Limelight. It’s hard finding just ink stories when they are mixed in with Limelight per genre. Earlier today I was looking for a romance story that was in the ink version, and it was hard to find one that isn’t written in Limelight. I just think Episode should change the app to where there is a section for Limelight stories and a section for ink stories per genre. Anybody else feels this way?


Yes!!! I wish they had sections for Ink LL and Classic then it should genres after clicking

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Idk if this is really much of a discussion topic, sounds more like a feature request to me… In saying that, here’s some threads you should support in order to better differentiate between the art styles.

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Oh okay… And you’re right, this is more of a feature request, but I wanted to make this situation a discussion. Thank you :slight_smile:

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By not making it a feature request your suggestion doesn’t get escalated to the team. I def understand your need for this and would definitely encourage you to create a request thread. Perhaps make it a suggestion for a filter so you can filter out the animation styles you don’t want to see in search results.