FEATURE: Exotic Shoes

(This is my first time posting in a while so i might be a little rusty but dont mind it and lmk if its in the wrong catergory too)

I noticed that when I was dressing one of my characters that they had converse shoes like these

click this one

Screenshot (6)

And I also noticed that they do vans a little bit, like these

click this one too

Screenshot (8)

And can’t forget the air maxes, like these

And click this one too

But what about the exotic shoes like Jordans, Air Forces 1s, and adidas.
they go with today’s style for some ppl. If this is a good idea please like and comment support. Cause I could really use some for the outfits I had in mind.

If you don’t feel like searching the exotic shoes up I will have them below right here

Exotic shoes

The logo for this type of shoe is patented. I’m not sure Episode will make shoes with the brand’s logo, unless they work with the brand to promote it.

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As @FRizy said, I’m pretty sure it’s not legal, BUT we really need new sneakers, they upload too much heels

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