FEATURE: experiencing difficulties in the writers portal

Writers portal : can’t scroll down
Hey! I know many other people are going through this problem when using an iPad to write on the writers portal, as I said I am having difficulties scrolling down using an iPad, if you know any way to scroll down at once because using the return key on 1000 lines is a hassle and takes forever


On left side there is a thing called as (in your writing script)
In that you can choose on what background you want to go , click on the name of background and you will be there😉

I can help with that

I learned how to

That would be really helpful

What it’s the same scene

Then try clicking the name of your scene
If you use BACKGROUND 3 times
Try clicking on every BACKGROUND , in one of 3 you will find it😅I know it’s difficult , but it is easier than scrolling

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Thank youuu

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Hope it helps you :wink:

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Actually there is a scroller let me get a screenshot

just tap and hold that part of the screen basically where the small line is and under and over but not next to it, only vertically, does that mean under and above??

it is also an exact thing for the bottom

just tap where the scroll is basically cuz I can’t get the bottom one, right now… .

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and it should take you and down the script