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Maybe when you upload a picture or whatever, you can provide an explanation for the photo, I’ma

Some programs (Like character creators) are lenient.

Kisekae rules, all you can’t do is say that you made Kisekae or re-upload the program without their permission, you can do whatever you want with Kisekae, basically.

Here is a translation of the site’s terms of use:





ぽち公の掲示板 "

Translation into English:

"[About save function]
Save data may be damaged or deleted when updating. Please acknowledge it.

【Terms of service】
Please do not reprint / re-distribute the source file (swf file) without permission.

【About use of images shot by screen capture etc】
Commercial use is also possible. Anyone can use it for free.
It is OK to post it on the homepage, blog or use it as an icon such as Twitter, as well as secondary processing.
It is OK to post it on Youtube etc. as a movie and use it as a material for poster production etc.
Also, reports on the use of images are unnecessary, and copyright notation is also unnecessary. (We do not abandon copyright)

This website and authors assume no responsibility in the event of any damage caused by using the images of this site.
Please use at your own risk.

If you have comments, impressions, problems reports, requests etc.,
Please send me a message from the bulletin board of Doko.
Bulletin Board of Doko"

Some character creators will let you use it. I would say it was made with Kisekae personally.

What about other ones where you have asked the creator if you could use their work for this or not?

I would love it if we had this option because if we have it then we could use the character creators if we had no idea how to draw and couldn’t find anyone to help, especially if you feel like you’re overworking someone else.

I would



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