FEATURE: Extra shelf of all contest stories during the contest

Another contest started. There are many “Fantastical” stories which can not be found through search bar. As a result - contestants are losing their readers - not fair.

I suggest next:

All contestants must applie their stories. When doing that, Episode must add their story immediately in special Contest shelf for that specific contest. All stories must be listed there till the announcement of winners!

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That’s a great idea! Support!

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This is sooooo clever because I definitely find it hard to find contest stories (even when I search the contest name)


Doesn’t that sort of take away from the prize being featured on the shelf? And I don’t know how it would work in terms of who’s story comes first on this shelf? I can see a lot of people complaining about one person getting more reads because their story was always at the front of the shelf…

So yeah, interesting idea and I agree we need something like this, but the idea would need a little more fine tuning in my opinion


I’d put them the way they were applied. Once applied - put in shelf immediately.

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So order of first submitted to the very last entry?


support but like episode would have to update a lot during every contest and put 100+ stories which could cause some slowness/glitches (if it was a SHELF)

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Yup :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀ The only fair I think

Why would that cause glitches - those are just shortcuts ~ links.

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I suppose that is fair. And as long as they state that, everyone who enters will know it so can’t complain

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