Feature: Fairness in Plus Sized Clothing

I politely disagree. I don’t think they’re rushing any updates. When plus sized females’ clothes came out, of course there was less options. It JUST came out. Limelight had barely any clothing selections when it first came out. And the plus size updates are most likely only because generic characters are much more used and have higher exposure than plus sized characters right now. You can’t expect them to drop everything and do bullet-fast updates for plus sized females when not as many people use and acknowledge the feature. It’s less popular, and for now, I think the once a month update makes a lot of sense. Of course, this is just my opinion.


They aren’t exactly rushing generic female clothing releases but I agree that there should be more plus sized clothing in the wardrobe, it gets annoying when I can’t style my character to match the era shes from. :sweat:


Honestly? Same, but I know lots of new clothes will become available in the future for plus sized females. We need extended patience hehehehehe :’)


yeah exactly…especially with this whole virus going around we just need to give it time (hopefully they update plus sized clothing soon lol)


I :clap:t2: WANT :clap:t2: PLUS FEMALE :clap:t2: BIKINIS :clap:t2:


Uh where did I state that I expected them to have the same size wardrobe? I asked for fairness and expressed disappointment that plus sized received a smaller release when it’s only a monthly release. Read it again.


Where did I mention rushing updates? Respectfully, you all express a demand for updates for clothing for generic female. Happens all the time. I’m here to ask for fair representation for plus sized. If you read it, my point is not to restrict clothing for the plus model. I’m not happy with the choices it has thus far. I’m expressing that without accusations. Still, expressing my disappointment in the limited release when it’s only once per month. You best be darn sure that if they said they were only rolling out plus releases and only doing generic once per month with it being smaller to allow them to build that inventory there would be an uproar. So I’m not really here for those who cannot see the other side.


They aren’t rushing but generic gets three more releases and they are full releases. That said it’s a suggestion as I don’t expect much in these times.

Soon I’d like to write a plus MC. I tried making one of my plus characters but the limitations prevent it.

I honestly don’t get where anyone is getting “rushed” it’s seriously not once mentioned.


I get ppl love to brown nose but read it again:

“Moving on, I would like to express fairness in plus size clothing. I often see on television, women of a certain size being limited in clothing choices. Frumpy, dowdy, baggy. Please do not to this, Episode Creators. I am very pleased with the bodycon style dresses that you have managed to release. I’d like to see more of what is available to the generic body available to the plus model. It can be done.“

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Maybe you should read what i said again

I read it fine

“ they just started release them. you cant expect them to the same size wardrope so fast.”

3d or 2d, when the plus model was released the dresses were made available in that same release to the generic model.


you forgot this part


I don’t mean to start an argument or anything, but you wrote, “The release is only monthly and it seems unfair to anyone who is plus-sized in your community to be placed on the back burner only to received rushed one-month releases.” However, I understand what you mean, really. I just have a different perspective on it. It would be really hard to release a bigger amount of plus sized clothes while still working on an equal sized generic release every week. I’m just saying that it wouldn’t be realistic and it’s hard for Episode to add a lot of clothing with plus-sized females when they’re not nearly used as much as the generic female and male. Otherwise, you make a really valid point. I understand what you mean.


Sure. Would you feel the same if Episode said the following:

“In order to get our Plus Sized Catalog where it needs to be, we are limiting generic sized releases to once per month in a limited release.” ? I doubt it. Nothing against you at all but the fact that people don’t get and are against it speaks volumes.


No, I didn’t forget. That part had nothing to do with your response to me which was that I was expecting THE SAME WARDROBE SO FAST. Nice try though. I get the difference between 2d and 3d. That is irrelevant here. If you;ve already drawn a generic size, how difficult is it to make it plus? When they have proven to be able to make plus generic in the same damn release???

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I know this isn’t my convo, but personally, I would, if the plus size body type came out first. The way that plus size body types are coming out, the workload makes sense. I get your intentions and they’re good and all, but they aren’t logical. You can’t have one without limiting most of the other. If plus size body type clothing were to release at a consistent amount just like generic female and male body type clothing, expect all loads of generic clothing to be cut in half— which no one would be happy with since generic came out first and is thus the one people request for most. This is the most logical course of action for Episode as of now. Sorry, don’t mean to start/get in the argument and I don’t mean it from any point of malice.

And plus size clothing is indeed more difficult to make realistically than generic body types.


I’m not AGAINST it. It’s unrealistic, and it’s hard. I’d love to see more selections, but you shouldn’t be accusing Episode of not seeing the plus sized character at the same value. At least they have one! As I’ve been saying, plus sized females just don’t have as much exposure as the generic character. In the future, I’m very sure the updating times will be switched up, and plus sized females will get better clothing updates more often.

Clearly you’re getting heated up about this, so I’ll just stop replying.

Well I agree with this. Why should we wait a month to only receive 2 basic tops and 3 basic leggings (this maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but I found the last release disappointing). It’s not unrealistic what you are requesting. If the generic section can receive majority of the time quality releases weekly why can’t the plus size section receive the same monthly?
It seems people are just expecting us to accept anything they give us and like it just because they already gave us the plus sized option. No. That’s not how this works. The plus sized section deserves quality stuff too.

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