FEATURE: Fanmail Says Off To the Reader


So, I tried sending fanmail to an author but it failed to send, because they had it turned off. I actually spent time writing it up, and was disappointed because I put a lot of thought into it and had so many positive things to say about their story.
I would like to suggest that there should be an feature, where if an author has turned their fanmail off, it should tell the reader that the fanmail is off and the writer is not taking any messages at the moment, instead of showing that send fanmail option down below. It would certainly be a good idea, no?

What do you think?

And on a side note, when we get a fanmail and write back to the person who wrote it, then save and publish, then sometimes some parts of what we or the person wrote get butchered (erased randomly) and it can be frustrating.

Being alerted an author isn’t taking fanmail before you actually submit the fanmail

I totally agree! I understand your frustration :expressionless:


Thank you for supporting and a thank you to everyone else who supports <3


This exists already:)


Do you mean to say

  1. This feature exists already?
    If yes, then unfortunately, I don’t have it and would totally like for it to be implemented in. Would save some time!
  2. There is already a similar thread to this?
    If there is, my apologies for creating a duplicate, I couldn’t find anything on this, so I decided to make one. If this is the case, may you please provide a link to it?




Thank you! :black_heart::facepunch:


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I agree and support :grin:


Thank you <3


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I haven’t publish my story yet to even get a fan mail but that’ll be a great idea about the fan mail we all need, just in case if that happen. So I SUPPORT!


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This feature needs to be implemented!




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Support, had the same thing before, waisted 15 minutes of my time on it cause the author turned fan mail of but there were messages from others and no signs of it being off