FEATURE: Fanmail Says Off To the Reader


Definite support. I can’t believe that they don’t do that already!


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Thank you very much :smile:


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Support! Personally I don’t write fanmails that often (mostly because they never get replied to hehe :sweat_smile:) but I definitely get where you are coming from. It’s frustrating taking your time to put effort into something that is just pointless :persevere:




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Support! I never knew that a reader doesn’t know when the fan mail is off!


It’s a good thing you never experienced it ‘cause let me tell you, writing up a whole paragraph of kind words and taking time doing it, and then realizing it never sent, and on top of that, all you wrote is gone, is a very unpleasant feeling :joy::dizzy::revolving_hearts:


I totally understand. Writing something to an author, especially if the story is your favourite, and then having it not sent is horrible.

Or maybe they can create like another folder, something like a spam where the fan mails go when the fan mails are turned off. But then again this wouldnt do any good.


Actually this is a really great idea ^^
Then I wouldn’t feel like my long fanmails are sent to waste :rofl:


I mean they can try to implement either one. So at least when the author feels like it they can go to that page and read them. Or Episode can let the reader know that that author’s fanmails have been turned off. It would save peoples time too.


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