FEATURE: Fanmail Says Off To the Reader

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When I send fanmail I don’t even understand, where does it go? Really because it just disappears, so i’d like to have it be highlighted for me and also get notified when authors reply :heartpulse:


It sucks when u write something up and spend so much time into it, only to have them say this author isn’t accepting fanmail and you’re just like well, that’s a few minutes of my life I’ll never get back :joy:

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Oh, I know this feeling :sob::sob::sob: Wasting time is always so frustrating to me :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: This needs a bump :hugs:

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I agree! I also think it would be good for readers to get a message indicating that the autor has replied to them!

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This is totally off topic but I love 6teen and totally love your profile pic of Jude. Lol

Support, @JemU776!! It would be beneficial. There is no point wasting so much time and energy and care if the author can’t even see the message. It’s unfair.

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