FEATURE: Female body variations that are flat-chested or without breasts

I don’t know how else to title this or if there’s already a topic about this but here we go.

Episode has released tons of variations of bodies in the writers portal. Plus sized female characters, male characters with breasts, etc… I think it’s great! One thing that I think episode should add is a female body “variation” without breasts. I think that this is important for many reasons:

  1. Transgender/non-binary people etc… As someone who identifies as gender fluid, I think that this is really important to have the option to have your character not have breasts as It can be harmful for various reasons. For example, sometimes I wear a binder (It’s like an undergarment that some people wear to flatten their chest), and don’t always want to look/appear as if I have breasts. I think having the option to have a female body/character option could be very nice and inclusive.

  2. Flat-chested people who don’t want to use the male character option. I think this one is quite self-explanatory.

  3. People without breasts. Similar to my first reason, some people have had their breasts removed for various reasons and I think this would be more inclusive.

  4. Child characters. If you’re writing a story and say there’s a little kid, It would be nice to have the option to not give them breasts, y’know?

Overall, I just think that it’s a really good idea that episode could do. Let me know what you think! Please let me know If I’ve said anything wrong or insensitive or if you just have any suggestions/comments :heart:

This thread also includes small and no breasts variations. :sweat_smile:
I also agree with all of your reasons! It would be great to have the female body with more chest variations.


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