FEATURE: Folders for uploaded backgrounds / overlays


A lot of us has many, many backgrounds. Would be nice if we could organize them!

Do you agree?

FEATURE: "Your Background" Organizer
Folders in the art catalog
Folders for Backgrounds and Overlays
Folders in the art catalog

I agree. I literally have to hunt down my approved backgrounds and I hate it. I don’t like using the list because it takes too long to scroll through. Sometimes, I forget my background names. I’ll just copy and paste the title of the background. The folders could be useful.


Yes! I agree. It’s so hard to find the background when you need one…




I would like to see it if we could put backgrounds/overlays into folders based off the stories they belong to. This would help authors of multiple stories.


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Support and bumping~

I always forget my background names and it’s a pain to scroll through them all.


Ok, so If you’re like me then you probably have a million backgrounds uploaded to your account. Something that I would like to see is some sort of organization set up for this. Maybe organize the uploaded pictures by story so that there are different tabs that you can upload them to? Anyone else have any suggestions?


I have about 50 backgrounds approved at the moment and it is literally very tough to find the one that I want…and I am extremely bad at remembering there name so seriously it takes a lot of time for me to even get one…



This would be helpful for overlays too! I have over 1000 overlays and it’s impossible to find them unless I remember what I named them and search :woman_facepalming:


this might be similar to your idea




I have like a tonsbof backgrounds for stories and stuff and I HATE having not to ding my background




Bumping! :slight_smile:


SUPPORT!!! Can we please have folders for all our uploaded backgrounds and overlays!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: They get so full with stuff we only use once and it gets so hard to find!! I just want a way I can organise them myself




I think that today with so many stories published and so many talented artist in the community who share their backgrounds and overlays, we have updated SO MANY of them in the art catalog.
I’d like to see a tool to create folders in the art catalogue both for backgrounds and overlays because now it’s too difficult to look up for the actual file I want. Sometimes I end up losing one hour just to find a background.
Is this way we could create folders for bedroom, living rooms etc or also for specific stories or scenes that requires lot of backgrounds to create a ‘movie’ effect.

What do you think? :slight_smile: