FEATURE: Forum Group Business Accounts



Another suggestion if my other one wouldn’t be an option.

How about creating a special account that groups have to use instead of a regular user account?

Kind of like a social media business account in a way, they have a page where they can advertise their services instead of here, there and everywhere that’s mostly inappropriate and unrelated to the topic they’ve decided needs their advertisements.

They can easily be found via a special search which will list all of the groups.

They can’t post on threads!! There would be no need too if they could easily be found as could their examples but as they aren’t right now, they are everywhere. Some are closed, some have disbanded e.t.c But no one knows.

All of their request work could be done via private message.

People can still easily recommend them and what have you but at least it would be organised and dignified (unlike right now). But groups would have to use a business account, not a regular one.

Again, if this is in the wrong place or named wrong, my apologies.


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This is also a really good idea — support!


@PerplexedJam Another great idea!


Support! On top of that, they could have their own separate title with their group name like how Jermey and Sydney have ‘Moderators’ as their group.


That would be good, it could include what kind of group they are e.g Art Group - Directing Group e.t.c


Exactly, your suggestions will better the community for sure.


Also, thanks so much for trying to improve the community :two_hearts: — honestly this whole group drama thing is just a mess :joy:


Honestly, I’m just so sick of it :woman_facepalming: Feel like I’m at school again with he said, she said blah blah blah. I went to an all girls school and that had less drama than the forums.


Anything to stop these groups from clogging up the forum


I definetly support this.




This is a really good idea but the people in the groups would most likely still have their personal account so they could still be everywhere talking about the group. Because I know a lot of groups don’t use their group account to offer artwork. :thinking:


Spam rules? I don’t know.

I’m trying to compromise but in reality most people want there to be no groups and for them to be banned.


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BUMP BUMP! Something needs to be done!


SuPpoRt :upside_down_face: