FEATURE: Gem trading (Earn gems when someone spends gems on your game)

Okay, so, why do we put gem choices in our stories anyway?

Sure, we can get an easier chance at bagging some coins but what if they never get you that money?

I want some gems!

Why not have gems be given to you whenever a reader picks a gem choice?
It’d make the whole process ten times more worth it!

At least it feels like your making a profit!

Sometimes I feel like “What’s the use of writing?”

However, this is satisfied by: “I can make others lives better and teach others what I know and change their views on life, abortion, politics, Christianity, etc.” and make a difference.

I would like to have a payment for making people feel bad and buy something in my game.

Especially when it forces them to buy something from you (episode) and gives you benefits that I can’t get!

I want some gems, I don’t know why I include gems choices anymore,maybe to add a “You can’t get thatt” and that “I got no diamonds but I got metal currency in this game” feel.

Or just to get that struggle in the game.

In sort, I want money in gems if I can’t get it in real life or dollars or cents. :frowning:



well I agree it would be a better reason to have a gem choice, right now I just fell like they are stupid and wont use them . I really hate stories there do use gem choices. they are to expensive and often not worth it


I feel like Episode could you a similar system to ROBLOX. In their game, people purchase items and the currency is given to you. If you get enough, the currency could be traded for real money.



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I feel like I’ve already read this sort of something somewhere.

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I used to play that game :sweat_smile: but yeah, good point!


I didn’t know this before

Gems in stories can add an interesting dimension, but it’s understandable to want more tangible rewards for the effort. Hopefully, platforms will consider ways to make the process more rewarding for creators.