FEATURE: Generate Children

wow, i’ve been posting a lot :sweat_smile:

anyway, you know in the sims 4, they have this random genetics button? if you don’t know what i mean, here’s a quick explanation:

basically, just add two characters together and it’ll make a child (or parent or sibling.)

well, what if that was added to episode? like what if in the “CHARACTERS” section, there could be a “baby” and a “sibling” and a “parent” button and you could add two episode characters together to generate what their child would look like? (or one character for the other two.) i just randomly though of this :joy:

and it would make it a bit easier than choosing the features of a family member ourselves.



Episode should just become the sims let’s just be honest, it’s what we all want.



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oml support, support, support!!

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@Sydney_H or @Jeremy, please close this topic.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: