FEATURE: Get Rid of the New Speech Bubbles/Bring Back Old Speech Bubbles


This may seem like an unimportant request but I feel quite strongly about it! I absolutely hate the new speech bubbles. As of today, my app uses the new speech bubbles, and I just really wish we could have a choice as to which bubbles we prefer. I find the new bubbles distracting and I can’t get into them at all. Can you please change them back? Or let us choose? I love everything about Episode and the app, but this gets a big “no” from me!

Thank you for reading!


I agree we should choose what we want…


I don’t think they should get rid of the new bubbles completely, as some people like them, but I agree that they should definitely give us a choice. I’m not the biggest fan of them, tbh…


Personally I like the new speech bubbles but just like they said with ink and ll, the old speech bubbles were kinda out dated and want to do new things

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I agree, they should give us a choice! :slight_smile:


I understand… I just feel the new bubbles actually look more outdated. And the font is different, and so is the spacing… so if you’re an author and you’ve coded the speech bubbles to be a specific size in each scene, the size gets completely thrown off by the new bubbles… Again, it seems like a small thing, I just feel really strongly about this! lol.

They should just let us choose which ones we want to use! That would solve everything!


Yes, I hate them! The font is way too spaced out and tiny for me to read properly, and if I have to break out my reading glasses every single time I want to play episode or write my story I’m going to yell. Plus, they’re glitchy and they randomly move around the screen- even if this is a glitch that’s only happening to me it’s still sucks a ton. YMMV for this one, but to me they’re just plain ugly. They don’t need to completely trash the new speech bubbles for the people who like them (which is like, 2 people in total from looking at the feedback) but I just wish there was a choice.


I do get where episode comes from with wanting a new look. But honestly I cant stand the new look. Bring back the old Episode!


I think that there should be an option, but with the classic as an added option among the new ones.
Many people (I know this has been said many times throughout the forums but I’ll say it again) have many chapters with specially placed speech bubbles. If the spots are all messed up, and they have (let’s say around) 50+ published chapters? Then they will have to go back and change all of these to fix the positions of the speech bubbles.
It causes way too much hassle, and may put author’s off their work with the frustration, and the viewers for the same reason.
Yes, some people may like the new style, but I’m pretty sure that most people don’t (that may have been a little harsh, but oh well :sweat_smile:) . And for those that do, give us all the choice for what we want.
A choice is all I really want, but I give my FULL support :blush:


In my last chapter I had to spot direct EVERY speech bubble :weary: this name box always ends up on characters face! So support!!!


I personally really like the style of the new speech bubbles. Just because the people commenting on this post don’t, doesn’t necessarily mean Episode is going to go back to the speech bubbles that have been around for years.

A LOT of updates are happening nowadays and I think the new speech bubbles are here to stay lol.

I’d like them a lot more though if Episode fixed the glitch on them so I don’t gave to re-position each one…

I kind of agree. We’re not really getting the options of “different style” speech bubbles, but instead we’re just chosing the color of the bubbles.

I think it’d be a nice feature to get the chose the style and color of speech bubble for our episodes.


The old one’s look very outdated.

I would still get rid of this box with a name!

Well, a year has passed and I think we are all used to the new speech bubbles now! :stuck_out_tongue: