FEATURE: Give a bonus to authors who complete stories on UGC


So…I have been a part of the Episode platform for a while. Reads used to be strong pre Gem choice integration into the community side. Currently there is a decline on reads since this was implemented. Sad but true.

In terms of retaining and encouraging community authors to write full stories. I wanted to pitch a financial bonus on completion of a story. Obviously this will take a level of reviewing from Episodes side to see if the story is in fact complete. But it is my experience that reads exponentially increase once the story is completed so this would mean an increase in revenue not only for episode but for the writer… Not only that but it will act as a deterrent to abandon stories.

Just thought it could incentivise the community to persevere with stories until they are complete.

Just a thought.


Great idea! That makes sense to me. :blush:

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