FEATURE: Grammer/spelling correction


Because I’m Dutch, I’ll probably make some grammar and spelling mistakes.
Normally I have a spelling control function in my browser (Firefox) Or I use Grammarly.
When you spell a word wrong you get a red line and click right and 9 out of 10 times you can click on the correct spelling. Or when you write jibberish it will almost give you a confused look like wth did you just write, and suggest a correct sentence.
When I write my story in Episode I do see the red line but not the option to correct it.
The autocorrect doesn’t work either.
It does work on the forums though.
And when I see the annoyed and negative comments from readers, I do think it’s a great idea to add this option.

Spell check button

what you can do is try search up the word and google will find the correct spelling and definition


Thats what i do when im not sure. And im Dutch too


and does it ever work for you


well i still agree with you


That’s what I do now, but it could be simpler right?


yes it actually can I have 101% support for this


Jep it does


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