FEATURE: Hair Colour


I had a thought: what if the character customization divided the hairstyles into, say, 4 sections and then when we’re creating our characters, we could choose what colour we want each section to be. Like and support if you agree


Yes I agree!


I’m still not clear on this?
Do you mean like
#All brown hair colors go here

#Black colors go here



I think she means when we choose hair color we can choose the color for roots of hair, top middle, middle, and ends.


ohh, ty


Ofc :heartpulse::heartpulse:


That’s exactly what I was thinking!


I think it is a good idea, but it will not be made I think!
It will be a LOT of work for the episode team.
They will have to create for every hairstyle like idk how many colors there are but I guess 20
20x20x20x20 = 16000 hair colours for every single hairstyle!
So good idea, but unfortunately impossible!


I’m saying that if they had one pull down menu for styles and then separate pull downs for changing the colour of each section


Yeah, but still they will have to make 16000 different hair colors for each hairstyle!


It would be cool :face_with_monocle::revolving_hearts: