FEATURE: Hair Colour

I had a thought: what if the character customization divided the hairstyles into, say, 4 sections and then when we’re creating our characters, we could choose what colour we want each section to be. Like and support if you agree


Yes I agree!

I think she means when we choose hair color we can choose the color for roots of hair, top middle, middle, and ends.


Ofc :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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That’s exactly what I was thinking!

I’m saying that if they had one pull down menu for styles and then separate pull downs for changing the colour of each section

It would be cool :face_with_monocle::revolving_hearts:



It would be cool, but a lot of work. But I support this

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Support :raising_hand_woman:

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YES! I don’t like that only featured stories or episode originals can use custom-made hair. Especially since I’m trying to make an anime story, having gradient hair would be HUGELY helpful.


And support! This is needed!