FEATURE: Height\Weight\Build control + Character Features



Hey everyone! :yum:

I was thinking earlier of how awesome it would be to have features where we could control the heights, weights, and builds of characters in our stories. I feel like it would make the characters come to life even further, expressing that not every person is exactly the same, and that everyone is special in their own unique ways. :slight_smile:
We’d be able to control whether a character is short\tall (without the use of spot directing), skinny\curvy, and more build features, like having a body option for children, to make child characters more realistic. :grin:
It would be great too if we could have special features to personalize our characters, i.e. freckles, dimples, or beauty marks, etc… :laughing:

Anyways, just a thought, what do you guys think, wouldn’t that be amazing? :sweat_smile:


I totally agree with you!!! 100% agree


yeah i always think about this, totally support!


I don’t know if you have seen, but all this things are already suggested :roll_eyes:

You’re not following forum guidelines: repeating already suggested posts, title (you can suggest only one thing per thread) and your thread writing style (everything in bold)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Oh, I totally didn’t pay attention to that, that wasn’t intended.
But it’s no biggie I’ll just delete the post and make sure to pay attention next time.
Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:


They’re deleting posts if they don’t follow guidelines :see_no_evil:


Hope this happens! :pray:


I totally support you!


Totally support! We definitely need more diversity in body types.


Also wheelchair animations??


I support this 100%! Additional features to the characters would be great!!


Omg yes!!!


can’t agree with you more
If this works, Episode will be the best app ever


I agree on this 100%


I soo support!!:heart:


I think this is great because my body shape doesn’t fit Episode one my characters have, but this will take a lot of work on the Episode Team’s part because they have to refit the clothes to fit a variety of body types and you know how big the wardrobe in INK and how big the wardrobe in Limelight will be. My advice is to keep our fingers crossed and wait for an answer back.


Yeah it definitely requires a whole lot of work, and if they actually did consider the possibility, it would take months probably to release it, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I was about to comment this. We should be able to change our characters, specially because nobody has the same body shape. It’d be amazing, been waiting for this for SO long :dizzy_face: Also creating little girls with big, adult breasts just doesn’t fit :joy::laughing:


I know right?! :joy:


Wouldn’t it be cool if Episode allowed you to make your character have different coloured hair roots? Also, an idea would be to have in addition to like eyes, mouth, face shape, etc., in the character customization thing, if there were tabs for chest size, height, and skin features, so that we can change it in a story if we want.