FEATURE: Help with Less Known Authors ~


In order to get Episode’s attention on how we feel about the platform, we have to voice our opinions at all times. I am a less known author myself, and I would like the Episode platform to at least notice me like they notice the top/popular authors. If you are a less known or upcoming author, please tell the Episode platform how you feel. Also, I have a post on my Instagram about this. It says #smallerauthorsmovement. If you have Instagram, and would love to share my post so that it could get everybody’s attentions, my Instagram is @brianam.stories :slight_smile:

There’s another thread that goes into a lot of detail about this topic. If you would like to check that thread out and comment on it, here’s the link:

Thank you & don’t give up~

FEATURE: Supporting Smaller Authors

:revolving_hearts: Support! Just as long as we also respect bigger authors who also have really good stories too. What’s your story called?


Of course! Popular authors aren’t terrible people. I just want them to know that less known authors exist too, and we want our story to noticed by people :slight_smile: The name of my story is called Sophisticated & Deceived.


:revolving_hearts: Ok, I’ll give it a read and pass it on!


I think that Episode should have a section purely for unknown authors and stories that are like less than 10,000 views. That way the newer authors would have a way to get known




I agree with you. I don’t know why they don’t make a shelf for less known and upcoming authors. They make shelves for everything else.


I am definitely a less known author, but I’ve worked really hard on my story. So I would appreciate it if Episode gave less known authors some recognition.


I can say the same for myself as well. I work my butt off on my story, and it seems like I’m just writing it for the sake of writing. Don’t get me wrong, writing is my hobby, and I love doing it. However, I do believe that everyone including less known authors deserves a chance in the spotlight.


Exactly, I’ve been working on my story for like a year, and it has gotten no amount of recognition.


I feel you. I started writing my first ever story on the Episode platform in December of 2015. I finished it in the middle of 2016. I was hoping that it would reach the 100k mark in the beginning of last year, but I was wrong unfortunately.


I know right, I thought I would get like at least 100 readers by now, but noooo


Episode should really consider promoting new stories from new authors. If no one knows about the story, we won’t get any reads


That is true.


I think it was said on another post that- even IF episode promotes you, you still have to do a lot of the work yourself. Make friends with people in the community, and ask them to read and help promote your story, and in turn, you do the same. I think that a lot of the big authors either have a lot of connections or they started to get a good fan base and went from there. It sucks that you don’t have a lot of reads yet. If it makes you feel better one of my old stories has only 76 reads and it’s been like 3 years :sweat_smile::sweat:.


Well I mean, I don’t have connections, but I guess I’ll just write for fun and if people read it, they read it.


Maybe someday my story will get reads :sweat_smile:


By the way, has anyone read pitch perfect deep treble recently?


I actually kinda know someone who worked with an author who got like millions of views. They said they had to wait FOREVER to get views


I think it’s different for everyone. One person might get a lot of reads in a week :triumph: jealous… Others might have to wait years to become a popular author. I believe in writing for fun, and imaging that someone will enjoy my writing. But I do get jealous of other authors who do have more views than mine. I think that’s just natural. I’m mostly jealous of the fact that soo many people have such amazing writing and directing skills! I’m not a"popular" author… yet, and as long as I can get to a place where I think my writing and directing skills are AMAZING, I’ll be good, I don’t need views to tell me if I’m a good author or not- and that goes for all writers out there. That story that only got 76 views DESERVED those views. IT WAS BAD. It had no cover- actually, it did have a cover, of a few stick figures I drew, and I had no idea really where the story was going, I was just carefree.