FEATURE : 'Hide' Stories in the Trending

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What if Episode added a feature inwhich you can hide stories in the trending - genres. This would ‘hide’ stories that you do not like, finished, or various other reasons for not wanting to reading a story. This would increase the likelihood of stories further down the scroll to be seen.

I envision it where the story is just hidden in the genre - trending scrolls, but still can be searched through the search bar. Hopefully a way to unhide as well.

Positives ~

  • More Circulation of Stories that are further down the scroll list.
  • Less complaining about stories that never leave the trending
  • More stories are seen.
  • Benefits smaller authors. II doubt this will effect big authors.)


  • Might miss out on a great story, if you judge a story by it’s cover.

Interesting idea!

I would be little sad though if someone hid my story or it didn’t show the rank I really had and worked hard for…

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Yes! I check the comedy section quite often looking for new stories, but I see the same stories there all the time that I already read or started reading but didn’t like. It is so annoying to scroll for long minutes that I often end up closing the app without reading anything.
@EpisodeGirl, my understanding is this feature would be personalized, so your story would be hidden only for readers who skip your story anyways when they see it.


Yeah I know that part :slight_smile: I just think if a story is first, it should show it is first for everyone.

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But it would :slightly_smiling_face: Readers would see it and would have the chance to decide whether they want to hide it or not.

Edit: Okay, so I guess I didn’t get your point first, but I don’t like deleting my comments, so I will just leave it here and remain dumb :smiley: I see where you’re coming from.

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Totally support!!

It would make finding new stories so much easier!

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Hm… I like the overall idea but there are pros and cons.
Maybe there could also be a “restore” option to unhide everything? Or you know when you hide rows in Excel and there’ll be a little + icon to expand it? Maybe something like that could be done. So you’d be “condensing” the shelves but you can expand at any time (I have no idea if this is actually possible lol)


I would love it to.

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Please add these feature Episode.


bump ~ :slight_smile:

Hide the stories of trending writers who are so proud of having a trending story? I don’t agree…

Bump ~

bump :slight_smile:



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ah yes.

I still support this lel bump

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This would be nice, especially if they added a “hidden stories” shelf containing the stories that the player hid.

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